About Us

ETS started as a few players that were tired of getting their heads handed to them. I personally felt like I was an exceptional player but, I was having a hard time winning matches. I would often blame the rest of my teammates but, I secretly wondered if I was just terrible at this game.


The truth is, by yourself you are weak. It doesn’t really matter how good YOU are because YOU don’t matter in Overwatch. You are a part of a TEAM and it is everything. You might even have to sacrifice your precious K/D ratio to force through a choke point. You may have to sacrifice yourself for the team. This concept escapes some of us old competitive types but, it brings the richness of the combat to a whole new level.


I decided that if I was the best player or worst player, it didn’t matter if I had a good team and I was off to figure out how to make that happen. I started by just friend requesting every good player I came across. This helped a little and got me started but, then I decided to branch out and make an official website. This way we can have a place to bring all of our tactical ideas to life. We could compare notes and videos. Come up with strategy and get a solid base of players that will be online at any time. With this, we could make sure we always had backup when we face an opponent.


Are you tired of getting owned on the battlefield? Are you a competitive player looking for an “edge” to increase your chances of victory? Tired of facing well-coordinated teams with players you have never met or played with before? Join us on our journey to take gaming to the next level.