Captains Corner

Captains Checklist

  1. Email all of your members and let them know who you are.
  2. Try to figure out a time you all can meet to get aquainted.
  3. Get everyone together on discord.
  4. Set up at least 2 times a week you can meet to battle and practice (see tools at bottom of page).
  5. Establish roles. Find out who can do what.
  6. Make 2 team compositions, an A-comp and a B-comp.
  7. Keep your CO up to date on issues and success.
  8. Talk to other captains to learn and set up some scrims with other squads.
  9. Contribute to the forum and read up when you need direction.
  10. Have Fun.


Setting Realistic Expectations for New Players

  • Not everyone has played Counterstrike.
  • Not everyone has played TF2.
  • A surprising number of people playing Overwatch will never have played either of those games.
  • Yes, hero switching and soft counters are core to this game, and new players should be made aware of this, but do it nicely. If you start spewing sarcasm and passive aggressive “Yea, because we really needed a McCree and not a healer”, not only will they not understand what you want from them, they’ll be less likely to listen to you. Be nice!
  • Even if you get that newbie to switch off Widowmaker, don’t expect him to understand how to play Zenyatta or Reinhardt or whomever. He has probably played them exactly zero times before and barely knows what their abilities are. Don’t expect him to perform his role correctly yet.
  • Don’t expect that new players are like you and spent months reading the hero bios and abilities on the website, memorizing them before the game even went into beta. You are the 1%. The rest of the population will learn as they go, so don’t yell at new people for not knowing what their abilities do or how best to use them. Explain it to them!
  • There are a LOT of undocumented or unclear things (such as being healed passively by the payload, or the payload moving faster with more people on it) that new players are never told by the game itself. Don’t hesitate to explain these things as you think of them. You’ll improve your chances of winning by doing so.

Basically, you have to accept the harsh reality: You will be matched up with actual newbies, and you will lose games because of it until they are fully trained. It’s in your best interests to teach because no amount of screaming or raging or passive aggression is going to make those new players magically improve on the spot. That’s just the way it is.


 Captains FAQ

What is the goal of ETS? –  The overall goal of ETS is to grow and evolve. We want to gather the intel gained from our Captains and start to combine our findings. We want to grow as teams and as an organization to give players a real fighting chance. Just squading up is going to help but, working together as an organization should give us a chance to compete at a higher level. Our eventual goal is to send one of our squads to the big showdowns hosted by Blizzard so, we can make our mark on the world of gaming.

What are the perks of ranking? – The first and most obvious perk is running your own squad. When you gain the rank of Captain, you get to do this. Once you are captain, you need to pick a first officer. I would take a few days or so before you pick them to ensure you have chosen correctly. That person gets a rank of First Lieutenant and gets to run the squad when you are not signed in. Anyone First Lieutenant and above gets access to the ETSforum. Anyone Captain and above gets access to Captains Corner. Anyone Colonel and above gets access to Headquarters. All of these come with their own perks, most of the perks revolve around the increased ability to shape and control the organization.

Do all members I recruit have to be in my geographical area? – Everyone does not have to be in your area but, we find it helps when teams are in a similar geographical area. They tend to be on at the same times. However, if you find a good 10th out of your area, as Captain you can override this protocol.

As Captain, what is my purpose? – As Captain, you are our eyes and ears on the field. You may have the most important role in the organization. You are the one that tells us whats working and whats not working. You are the one that sets the pace for change.You train and compete with your team and based off of your experience, you can recommend changes. The higher ups will discuss your recommendations and potentially make a lasting change to satisfy the request or observation.

If I make General, do I still get to play? – All members get to play, including Generals. We are over more squads so, we have a wider base of players to choose from. It is still general protocol for a Captain to run his squad regardless of higher ranking personnel joining the game, however, the chain of command does still apply. If a general takes command of a squad (this is rare), you are to stand down and follow orders as any Second Lieutenant would.

Can I promote others to a higher rank? – Any ranking officer (captain or higher) can promote a member of his squad to a position no greater than the rank directly below his own. For you, this means you cannot promote anyone to Captain but, you can promote everyone to First Lieutenant your first day of command if you wish. I would recommend against promoting the whole team at once. This is usually used as a form of control and you lose that when you promote for no reason. Save it for special occasions. Save it for when you see people that really have it coming. Just remember, first Lieutenants will get the first shot at the next Captain position. They do not have to take a command if they do not want to. Your team can remain your team forever but, if they choose to take a command, you cannot stop them. You will be required to recruit another man to fill the spot and promote a new first officer.

Where can I go to get some guidance? – Your Commanding officer is always a good place to look for guidance. Outside of that, the ETSforum is the best place to put all of your questions and answers. If you have questions about good strategies or anything like that, post it on the forum.

Can I ban a member? – The short answer is, no. You cannot just ban a member in a fit of rage. You can, however, discipline your squadmate by making the sit out a game or two. If that does not seem to do the trick you can request a transfer or ban by contacting your CO.

Can I transfer to a different squad? – Yes. This may sound silly but, even a Captain can switch squads. Doing so almost ensures you will not be in command of that squad but, it is allowed. Players will often do this in search of a “dreamteam” to higher rankings.


Good Tool for getting your team together.