Oceanic Alpha Week One Targets  


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10/12/2016 1:21 pm  

Great first week guys. Ok, so maybe it's only been 4 days, but let's not let that get in the way of progress. I've had a great time playing with you guys and we've had some fantastic games. Not as many wins as I'd like, but teams fight teams and we've had 4 days experience. That said, there's some amazing potential here, the games that we have lost have mostly been slim margins that could come down to one missed shot or one ult that could have been used better.


What we need to work on


Pharah Must Die

We have a really hard time dealing with Pharah, let alone pocket Mercy Pharah combos. I propose a custom game training session to explore how we can better deal with Pharah. Target practice, Pharah vs Pharah practice.


Focus Fire

As a support-heavy team, we’re still adapting to new heroes but one thing that teams that really do well against us do that we don’t is focus fire. We know to focus fire the healers, but what if we can’t get them? We need to work better on picking a softish target that isn’t protected and destroying them faster than they can be healed. This will also draw their healers out and get us on the road to a team kill.


Co-ordinating ults

This is somewhat of a sticking point. Well co-ordinated ults pave the way to victory. Sometimes it’s the only way to bust open a control point or to push a payload through a well defended choke. Sometimes our hero choices don’t lend well to this, however an Earthshatter into a Nano Visor will rip a team just as well as Rocket Barrage. Tanks, you have the best ults for combo, so you need to be keeping the DPS aware of where you’re at. DPS, save your ults for the combo unless directed otherwise.


The majority of support ults are defensive, with the exception of Nano Boost. They should (and usually are, Guska) be saved to counter an enemy ult combo. Nano boost needs to be timed for a big push, just like any other ult.


I will be focusing on calling situations in more detail - for example, a light push or poke to build ulti rather than going all in.


000, What's your emergency?

One thing we do well is communication. Calling out danger heroes and flankers, we’re all over it. However, we don’t seem to do much with the information. A flanking Soldier or Reaper doesn’t usually get dealt with until he catches up with the ball, by which time the healers are dead or scattered. Moving forward, we need to think about having our more mobile heroes ready to respond when the back line needs it.



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