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First things first, Roadhog is my jam. My bread and butter. I don't want to brag or boast, but according to Overbuff I am ranked 4,106 of 141,609 Roadhog players in Competitive. So I'd like to pretend I know what I am talking about. And when I saw that nobody had made a forum post about this fat beast yet, I figured I should just in case there was someone who wasn't sure how to play the fattest fuck in all of Overwatch.


Let's start with the basics.


The Scrapgun

This thing is junk. Quite literally. It looks like something that was cobbled out of some post-apocalyptic ruins (go figure) and it literally fires scrap metal. It can shoot a whopping 4 times at 1 shot per second before reloading and takes 1.5 seconds to reload.

The primary fire is pretty standard. It's a shotgun. There's not much that's unexpected from a shotgun. Deals incredible damage up close, enough to one shot most heroes and really hurt the others, but is not worth shooting at anything further away as you will likely just slightly annoy whatever you're aiming at. But that's why the secondary fire exists.

Now if you look on your mouse there is this button that is to the right of the left mouse button, or the "click to kill" button. Believe it or not, but that button to the right side is also a "click to kill" button, although with a different purpose. Using the alternate fire instead launches a ball of scrap in front of you, which is completely different from the shotgun you have grown accustomed to. For about 10 meters. After which the ball splits into the 25 pellets of shotgun rain. Getting this to hit at just the right spot can also one shot kill many heroes, especially if you hit them in the head area. However, if you hit someone with it before it splits, it will only deal 50 damage. So make sure you use the correct kill button for the engagement distance.


Now if it wasn't for the rest of his kit, you might expect Roadhog to be pretty much a fat and slow Reaper and why would you ever play him god what a waste you could be playing Widowmaker instead you pleb. But Roadhog is a tank not because he has shields or barriers or armor, but because he is a walking health pool. Which leads to his E ability:


Take A Breather

Oh no, you're playing Quickplay and your supports are ignoring you. What do you do? Mash that E button like your life depends on it, because it does. When you take a fat rip off your sick vape rig that you've modded to fit directly into your customized gas mask, you start feeling like the vape god. And 300hp healthier. Yes, Roadhog is a tank because he has an absolutely massive health pool. Starting with a base HP of 600, with no shielding or armor capabilities, he needs something to help him stop being that useless fat Reaper. So he can heal 300 HP over the course of 2 seconds, every 8 seconds. That means over the course of 30 seconds you can theoretically have a 1500HP health pool, although it rarely actually works out that way so don't start thinking that it's horribly OP and needs a nerf. As this is also a self heal, it also builds ult charge. I will talk about his ult later.


Chain Hook

This is one of the abilities that people love to complain about the most, which means it is also the most fun part of Roadhog's kit. If you want to make full use of Roadhog, then you will have to become a great hooker. Here's how. Upon pressing shift you will start a quick windup to actually throw the hook where you can actually snap to and finalize the destination of the hook. After the windup the hook becomes active and can no longer have its trajectory changed, unless intercepted by another object. If you manage to hook someone like a Tracer, they become stunned and begin the journey to in front of you (sometimes, but I will explain later.) where you can then fill them full of lead and whatever other metal gets loaded into that scrapgun. Now once your target actually gets close to you but before you can shoot, feel free to spam some voice lines. Top contenders are "Hook, line, and sinker!" or "Violence is usually the answer.".

Now you can't let the BM go to waste once the target actually gets in front of you. At this point you have a split second to bust a load in their face before they can react. The best way make sure you actually get your rocks off is to hold your primary kill button as they are being hooked. This way the moment you are able to, you will fill their face full of your hot steaming load, likely killing them instantly, or making them very flustered. It is also a good idea to give them a nice pat on the face with your hook right after shooting them by hitting your melee button. Now if they're not dead after this, it's either because they are a tank, or because Roadhog's hook doesn't make any damn sense.

Yes I typed all that out when I really could have just linked that video and left it. Come at me.


Whole Hog

When you press the magical Q button, there is a slight pause as you slam some contraption into your scrapgun and decide to throw any ideas of what a shotgun should be out the window as you immediately starting firing a hail of bullets into a wide arc in front of you. This ability is both great and terrible. It's great because it does a absolute fuckton of damage in a wide arc. According to the wiki, it does 5000 damage over the duration of the ult. However it also kicks your aim upwards and you need to compensate by pulling your mouse down unless you enjoy putting thousands of holes into your brand new ceiling. Along with kicking your aim upwards, it also knocks whoever it hits backwards. Great when pushing into a wall because it attacks their weakpoint for massive damage, and great for pushing off a cliff. In open areas it will just make everyone run away from you, much like girls run from me when they see my face. feelsbadman.bat


Now for some tactics.

"But Chz, what do I do if the other team also wanted to have the fattest fuck in the world? How can I compete with all that weight?"

Young child, it is quite simple. NEVER HOOK FIRST.

This is what happens if you hook first. You pull the enemy hog in, shoot him in the face and slap his bitch ass with your hook. He is now at half HP and the stun is now gone. Enemy hog then shoots you in the face, hooks you, then shoots you in the face again. Guess what punk? You are ded, not big surprise. And to top it off he is now showing all his buds some sick vape tricks and you have accomplished nothing. The only time you should hook first is if you are positive that:

A) His hook is on cooldown and you can hit the two shots before he can.

B) He is below around half health and know that your combo can kill him before he can shoot

C) You are confident that your teammates can kill him before he can get his full combo off.

D) Your Zarya is enough of a bro to give you a barrier when you get hooked, possibly letting you live long enough to kill him first.

You could always just play it safe and never hook first until you are confident in your Hog skeelz.


"I don't want to be countered and spend most of my game being dead. Who should I watch out for?"

Reaper is the biggest fatty counter. I've been 3 shot by him, and he can easily out damage damn near all forms of healing you can get. If they have a Reaper, consider switching to a different tank or sticking closer to your teammates. If you can safely shut down a Reaper from killing you, then do it. But remember that you likely cannot one shot Reaper with your combo, especially if he does not hold his shift button to activate Wraith Walk ASAP. And never, ever, fucking ever hook a nano boosted Reaper unless you are trying to stop his beyblade of doom. He will literally one shot you, and I wish I was joking.

Mei can freeze you over and over then ice block to stop dying and wall you off and freeze you and it never fucking ends. Only hook Mei if you know you or your teammates can kill her before the freezing starts. If you run into a solo Mei, try to get a good amount of damage in before hooking, as you likely cannot one shot her either.

Dva is what I would call a soft counter, as opposed to Reaper and Mei who are hard counters. If you let Dva shoot your face repeatedly you will likely die, even if you mash your E button. The damage output up close is pretty when you let her headshot you. So if you have to vape near Dva, make sure she can only see your back. Otherwise you can get good damage with a right click, hook her, left click and chances are she's out of suit or running away because almost all her health is gone.

Roadhog is another soft counter for all the reasons I mentioned when I said "NEVER HOOK FIRST". I won't retype all of that here, so just scroll up a bit.

An unchecked McCree/Soldier can counter the Hog, but you can one shot him with the hook combo so he's not actually that bad.


"I keep dying whenever I hit the vape juice button. What do?"

First thing to check is if your positioning sucks. When you die while taking a fat rip, look around. Do you have teammates close by? How many enemies were near you? Did you at least try to hide behind a wall or some obstruction before taking in that sweet juice? Try to remember that next time it could be better for you to just die outright than to try and live longer and instead feeding the enemy team ult charge.

Next thing to think about is what you are being shot by. Can it headshot? If so, keep it at your back so your head hitbox is smaller. If it can't, then it doesn't really matter in the end. If it's a Reaper or a Mei then you might as well accept your death.


Now I've rambled on for quite a bit and honestly I've lost track of what I've talked about. So I'm just gonna hit the save post button, and if anyone has other questions, or feel like calling me a twat, make a reply or send me a message on the Discord channel.


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