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Antivirus software comes in two varieties, passive or active. Passive versions leave this up for you to decide if you want to check your computer for new dangers. Active versions are constantly operating in the background and will alert you if they find something suspicious. The best antivirus software runs in your personal computer 24/7 and is connected to the organization's live database of virus signatures. New viruses and exploits are being developed all the time, therefore the very best antiviruses are constantly being updated with an ever-expanding catalogue of viruses to look out for. Should your antivirus find a possible virus in your system it will give you three choices. The first and the best plan of action generally would be to delete the danger. Some viruses are built in a way which makes it impossible to delete them, in that case, the second-best choice is to quarantine it. The last solution would be to get your own antivirus ignore a file you know to be safe. bitdefender support | Canon Printer Offline | | Cash App Login | Paypal Login | Linksys Extender Setup | Roadrunner Email | Bitdefender Login | Avast Login | Roadrunner Email | Amazon Prime Login | | Netgear Extender Setup | Belkin Setup | Webroot Download | Norton Download | Belkin N300 Setup | Rand McNally GPS Update | Rand Mcnally Dock Update


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