Monthly Meeting Concensus / Month 1  


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02/10/2016 7:53 am  

(No particular order of importance)


Bot named Gharmony soon to be implemented to automate the squad creation process

     -This will allow our numbers to grow much faster

     -Until this has been added, we encourage squad captains to recruit and vet their own members.


Website domain has been purchased and is awaiting further development


After 1 month of inactivity on the discord server, a user will be autokicked. You can rejoin with a new invite link. To remain in your squad it is recommended to inform your captain of your absence.


Expanding on the previous bullet, we need more people using the discord because it is the first thing new members will see. The same applies to the forum, we need much more activity.


Be active on the forum!! Even if it's just 1 or 2 posts.


We believe the members with us now and that continue to stay will be in the upper echelon of people within ETS as a thank-you for sticking with us through this hard time of starting up. You are the A-team and will set the bar for newer members.


We want clear squad type separation so members all have the same goals. (e.g quick play squads vs. comp squads)


ETS should be a place for some in-house secrets among members, but it isn't strict and you don't need to wear the ETS title over your head all the time, it's okay to just be here. Kind of like guilds in MMOs.


When recruiting for your squad online, try to include more details about it

     -"Looking for tank"

     -Current group rating

     -Main goal

     -After they have been vetted by you, throw their details over to Utopia to have them added to your squad


"Low Man Out" rule

    -If a member has to be dropped from the squad, it will be one with lower SR


Share ideas across squads to help eachother grow


Possible weekly and monthly events with potential prizes


Scrims and tournaments to start soon hopefully


Squad group ratings to be placed on a board showing the best and less best teams

    -This will help learn who needs help and who to learn from


Awards for certain milestones

    -Squad that climbed the most

    -Squad/member with the best Play of the Game



All of the above is aimed to be put into effect within the next 2 months

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15/09/2020 9:21 am  



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