Monthly Meeting - Month 1  


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01/10/2016 4:07 pm  

Meeting in General Chat Saturday 10/1/2016 at 8pm / Sunday 10/2/2016 at 1pm .


    ETS has almost finished its first month of service. We have made good progress but, we still have a long way to go. With this in mind, I am establishing a weekly meeting between the “higher ups” in ETS. This meeting is not mandatory (yet) but, I would like all of you to attend.

                The goal is to make this place better. To do that we need protocols and guidelines for Captains and squadmembers. We need to address several aspects of ETS and I am sure this meeting will expose a few more issues we need to address. All of this will lead to progress and a better home base for our squad.

                I am going to start the ball rolling by presenting a few topics of discussion. These are most of the hot button items Captains and Admins have made me aware of. This is not all we will discuss but, this will be the center of our discussions.


1. Idle Members

      - Do we kick them of Discord? Do we remove them from the squad? What sort of timeline are we talking about? 2 Weeks – A month – 3 Months ? People have legitimate reasons for missing a few days here and there but, do we need a rule for when it gets out of hand?


2. New Members & Recruitment

                - I have been getting requests for new faces. I think it’s important to reboot the recruitment process but, I would like to do it in an organized fashion. Before we would just post numerous reddit threads and accept anyone. I think this is still an option for newly forming squads. For existing squads, I think we may want to take a more surgical approach. If you need an extra member or two for your quad, you should recruit personally and vet the people you are recruiting. Put them on a sort of probation where you try them out. Seek recruits from outside the squad. Try to friend and chat enemy players or other people that are matched with you. Use whatever means necessary. When you have fully vetted a member and are ready to add them to your squad, let me know.


3. SquadMaking and the grouping process

                - Some people have reported being grouped with members that they are not very compatible with. In some cases, the added member doesn’t even play competitive or is over 1000 ranking points away from them. This clearly is not good. For now, a new field will be added to the signup sheet that will ask if you wish to play in a competitive squad or a quick play squad. This doesn’t mean you can only play these modes but, it will emphasize what your goals are. If you are on the road to masters, you are clearly a competitive player. If you couldn’t care less, maybe quick play is for you.


4. SquadMachine

- I am currently developing a SquadBot codenamed “GHarmony.” This bot will automatically create squads that are within 1000 ranking points and 4 hours (TimeZone) of each other. It will make a real-time list of the squads and post them on the website. This should give new members visibility into how their squad is forming and where they are in the process. It should also speed up the process considerably and remove the chance for lost records or human error. With this, we can really scale things up and turn the recruiting process on to full blast. The SquadBot will also be available to existing members. If you don’t like your squad, you will be able to remove yourself from it to become a “Free Agent” (Recruitable by any squad) or throw your name into the SquadBot and get placed on a new squad. If you don’t like that one, you can repeat the process until you find that perfect match.


5. Discord Server Participation

                - I am seeing a lot of names (Even Captain Names) that are never or rarely on Discord. I want to encourage the use of our Discord Server as much as possible. It is one of the first things new recruits interact with and we want to make a good impression. Thanks to Skycoder, we have something worth using there. We need to take advantage of it. If we have any thoughts on how the server could be better, this is a good time to discuss that.


6. Burdens of Command

                - Many Captains have reported great success with their squads. None of them have had perfect success. We all have had setbacks and opportunities for improvement. I would like to take a moment to discuss these issues and have some dialogue between Captains on how they have overcome them or what we can do to help them do so.


7. Forum Participation

                - This one is huge. ETS needs to be a place where we share ideas and become better as a whole. I can almost guarantee that we have players that know more about Junkrat than I do or know how to handle a map better or what team comp is good for what situation. We all have separate knowledge, that if combined, would make us all better. We MUST collaborate on the forum. I need everyone (CPTS ESCPECIALLY) to be using the forum. Everyone needs to post a topic or reply to at least one. Right now, we have very little to offer people in the way of strategy or combat tactics.


8. Weekly and Monthly Events

                - This is the fun part. I want to come up with at least one weekly event where we try to get the whole squad out at the same time. With all of us being spread out across the world, we may need 2 or 3 times. I think this will help get us talking and sharing ideas. It will also be fun. I think we need to have a bigger gathering once a month that has some sort of prize. We need to determine what we would want that criteria to be and how we can accurately quantify it with little chance of exploitation. This could be a way to get our members more active and add a little something we all can enjoy.


9. Interim Squad Challenges and Rankings

                - I think it is almost time for some squad on squad violence (all in good fun of course). I want us to hold regular games between our own squads to compare combat styles. This will be fun and will help strengthen our group as a whole. This should be a place to share ideas and learn from your fellow members. I also want to show the group ranking of every squad and compare them in a chart of our best to worst squads. This will allow us to focus on squads that are struggling and learn from the squads that are not.


10. General Concerns


                - After we go over the other nine topics, I want to open the floor to anyone with a concern or suggestion. There are no dumb questions or ideas. We are all a part of this. Let’s come together and make ETS as good as we all know it can be. 


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