Why ETS?

Are you tired of getting owned on the battlefield? Are you a competitive player looking for an “edge” to increase your chances of victory? Tired of facing well-coordinated teams with players you have never met or played with before? These are common thoughts on the battlefields of Overwatch. How many times have you gotten 4 gold stars but, lost the match due to the inability of people that were arbitrarily added to your team?


This is why we created ETS.

Without a team of people you know and depend on, how can you ever have a predictable experience in Overwatch? This game was designed with the team in mind. The lone soldier approach is just not cutting it. Sure, you might win from time to time. You may even have a buddy or two. You might have some success but, you still have these games where teams just walk over you and you wonder, “what are they doing differently?” The answer is, they have a 6 person squad and a practiced set of tactics for a wide range of situations. What chance does your team really have against that?


Here at ETS we study Overwatch. We study the latest strategies, character combinations, and combat tactics. We are always looking for an edge to put on top of our already sharpened skillset. We aim to be the best. This does not always mean we are the best or even will be but, it gives us the chance to compete to the best of our abilities. At the end of any battle, we want to feel like we gave it our all and went down fighting.